We represent some of the finest artists in the mid-west in a variety of media including oil, watercolor, acrylic, linocut and woodcut prints, graphite, mixed media and sculpture. Many of these artists are featured in special shows in our upstairs gallery during the year.

Ben Agbee

Ben Agbee is one of the most successful artists of Ghana.  His acrylic paintings are in vibrant and earthy colors that often border on abstracts of figures, images and symbols.  He is also known for his pen and ink and watercolor paintings.

Marian Chamberlain

Marian Chamberlain is a Springfield artist who works in pastel, dry point, etching and silver point.  She has taught art, created art curriculum and has received many awards for her work.


Deby Gilley

Deby Gilley works in the ancient art of printmaking.  She is known for her woodcut and linocut prints and has been honored with many awards for her work.  She is an adjunct professor of art at SBU in Bolivar, Missouri as well as director of the Driskill Gallery.


Joanne Kenney

Joanne Kenney works in watercolor collage and paper mosaic.  Her detailed work is mistaken for watercolor at a distance, but she actually uses small bits of paper to create her award winning work.



David Plank

With a lifelong passion for birds and a desire to translate that passion   into art, David Plank creates award-winning watercolor paintings of Missouri birds. His work may be found at Springfield MO. Art Museum, as well as in many publications.


Charli Stout works in oils and watercolor, many of which are done Plein Air.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Drake University in Art Education and Interior Design.  She is a member of many artist organizations including the Missouri Watercolor Society.

Bonnie Armstrong

Bonnie Armstrong is a traditional watercolorist who paints representational work with an emphasis on reflected light. A graduate of MSU, Bonnie has taught art on many levels and has won awards in National watercolor shows including Watercolor USA.

Karen Deeds

Karen Deeds works in a variety of media, but watercolor is her favorite medium.  She is a former high school art teacher and continues to teach adult classes and workshops.


Jim Heck

James C. (Jim) Heck, a Wyoming native, grew up surrounded by the rugged beauty of the mountains and the harsh plateaus of the high plains, which has heavily influenced his art.  Heck carves and turns limestone and marble found and quarried in Missouri such as Phenix Marble, Ozark Southern Stone.

Cindy Kopenhafer

Cindy Kopenhafer is a very versatile artist working in pastel, oil, silk and batik.  She grew up in Montana and received her art and education degree from Western Montana College.  The Ozarks are now Cindy's home, but the Montana wilderness still inspires some of her art.


Patty Rios

Patty Rios works primarily in pastel and watercolor, but also enjoys oils, acrylics and colored pencil.  Patty spent 28 years as a gemologist and goldsmith, but has turned to her creative roots and paints with focus on the environment whether it is a landscape, nightscape, cityscape or still life.


Steve Umbaugh

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Abbie Bahnemann

Abbie Bahnemann  paints in both oils and watercolor/oil pastels.  Images from nature provide the basis for her work.  She uses powerful colors and varying qualities of light and bold value contrasts, always working for an element of mystery and drama.

Relique Dorcis

Relique Dorcis is from the African state of Togo.  He is particularly interested artistic traditions of Northeast and Southeast Africa.  Relique sculpts in ebony and paints in a variety of media.  His work reflects diverse cultures from his travels to many countries.

Neil Heimsoth

Neil Heimsoth details


Linda Passeri

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Sue Shields

Sue Shields has been an artist for over 35 years, working in a variety of media.  She is a member of the Oil Painters of America and has had her work selected for the cover of Springs Magazine, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. She works mainly in pastel and oil.


Peggy Wyman creates sculptures by coiling with pine needles.  She calls her work "sculptural basketry." Using long-leaf pine needles, Irish waxed linen, and found objects she creates her award winning sculptures.