We are proud to feature selections of the highest quality and craftsmanship in jewelry, glass, porcelain, stoneware, raku, wood, silks, and hand-wovens from regional and nationally recognized artists. We are the only American Style Preferred Gallery in Southwest Missouri. Our entire selection is very extensive and we hope you will come visit our store to see more than this preview.

Abbie Bahnemann

Abbie Bahnemann creates her one of a kind pine needle baskets as trays, bowls or lidded works.  No two are alike as each one evolves as she creates them.


Dr. Gary Soderberg creates beautiful wall hangings or decorative rugs in the traditional Scandinavian weaving technique of  Rya.  These hangings are available in 100% Scandinavian wools.  

Soderberg also creates more traditional woven runners and scarves in a variety of fibers such as silk.

Maruca Design



Vivian Terbeek is a Missouri fiber artist formerly from Southern California.  She incorporates many organic forms into her fiber pieces giving them much surface interest.


Roberta Ranney creates fiber art using vivid colors, often featuring animals and flowers. She uses free form quilting to enhance her work.  She is amember of the Studio Art Quilt Association and American Quilt Society.